Neil Wood - Proprietor

Auslan Alliance is owned by Brisbane based Deaf, native Auslan signer, Neil Wood.

Neil also owns Green Door Auslan, a training service about Auslan in Auslan.

​With a career originating in carpentry before turning to a varied and progressive award-winning* path in teaching Auslan with a number of Australian institutions, he now heads the Auslan teaching at Brisbane Institute of TAFE.


Through Green Door Auslan delivering an array of Auslan related topics, which are not covered by mainstream curriculums, Neil realised that there was a gap in the interpreting market.


This gap was a vibrant Auslan freelance interpreting sector which has consumer orientated focus that is enjoyed by sections of the Deaf and hearing communities.  Neil saw that these freelance interpreters were passionate about their interpreting but did not enjoy maintaining their business management such as BAS and superannuation. This meant that consumers were missing out on what could be more readily available freelance interpreting service if the administrative burden was relieved. This is especially the case where regional Australia has a wealth of qualified interpreters but cannot sustain a livelihood on interpreting alone due to lack of interpreting hours.


Auslan Alliance casually employs these freelance interpreters and provides the back-of-house support. Freelance interpreters can still interpret for their client base through Auslan Alliance. Simultaneously, Auslan Alliance markets its services to those geographic communities, which in turn, may garner more demand for interpreters.


With the advent of the NDIS, demands for interpreting, especially with interpreters who provide that unique rapport with clients, is expected to increase.


In the future, Auslan Alliance plans to expand the range of services to make Auslan interpreting more accessible throughout Australia.


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* 2016 Educator of the Year - Brisbane TAFE